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Hello, friend!


In my mid 40s, I had the unexpected surprise of a pregnancy. Sadly, this pregnancy did not end up the way that I’d hoped. I was carrying twins and lost them both – a devastating time both physically and emotionally. But God…  He gave me such encouragement through His word during the time leading up to the loss that I was actually prepared for it – as much as one can be. Our twin girls are named Mercy Bella and Verity Joy, and their names have become the name of my business, Mercy Verity Candles. 


This has been MUCH MORE than just a business because it has given me countless opportunities to connect with other women who share the same experience of loss. Many of these women have struggled to fully heal or even talk about it, but finding a common ground and sharing proves to encourage each of us. And for this, I’m so thankful.


a tad more...

- My candle studio is a cozy 529 sq. ft. space based in Greenville, SC, and runs on SOLAR ENERGY.

- Proprietary "heritage" wax blend of olive wax from Spain (paternal grandfather was from Spain) and soy wax from the USA (maternal grandfather was a soybean farmer in the midwest).

- Lead-free cotton wicks.

- Infused with therapeutic grade essential oils from Iviva Life.

- Clean fragrance oils.

     no carcinogens: materials known/thought to cause cancer.

     no mutagens: materials that change the DNA of a cell, harming the cell + causing diseases such as         cancer.  

     no reproductive toxins: toxins that harmfully affect reproductive organs and increase risk of birth               defects.  

     no organ toxins: toxins that can cause adverse disease or effects within specific bodily organs.  

     no acute toxins: toxins that an cause adverse effects from a single exposure - accidental exposure         like ingestion or spillage.. 

Since day one of MVC, I have thoroughly enjoyed handwriting the fragrance name on each label, intentionally putting "something more of myself” into each candle.


I love sourcing vessels that are sustainable Once you are at the end of your candle, scoop out remaining wax and give it a good cleaning! Reuse as a vase, a planter for a succulent, a starter pot for herbs/plants or a fancy holder for your makeup brushes.  Of course, the ON THE ROCKS vessel is meant to be reused for anything "on the rocks"- even water!


Hoping my candles bring a coziness + peace to your space.  More importantly, I so hope to meet you in person!  Grace + peace,  


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