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Candle Refills...

 Use a vintage piece of chinoiserie, a tea cup,  an old wine bottle already cut/sanded, a lovely unique vessel that came from another candle brand -- anything really.  Get creative!


Candles from 8oz to 16oz -- $30.

Candles from 17oz to 30 oz -- $50.

Candles from 31oz to 50oz -- $75.


You will need to get your vessels to my candle studio.

You can drop it off (604 Reid School Rd. Taylors, SC 29687) or cover the cost to ship and I'll give it new life (free return shipping). Quite easy!


Not sure what size it is? Fill the container with water and then measure the fluid volume with a measuring cup for a pretty good estimate.

** vessel must be clean from any debris of former candle junk.**

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