AMALFI COAST - the blue of the sea, the green of the Mediterranean maquis + the aroma of luscious lemons engulf your senses.

* bright lemon + ocean botanicals * 

AMALFI SEA GLASS - spend the afternoon collecting nature's treasure of glistening sea glass on a beach in Italy's blue Amalfi Coast.

* fresh, clean oceanic fragrance with a whisper of lemon * 


APPLE JACK - named after an alcoholic apple drink popular in the American colonial era.   light dusting w/ shavings from a bourbon barrel.  just because.

 * apples, sweet maple + a punch of smooth bourbon *

AT THE TABLE - enjoy both holiday seasons w/ tart cranberry + crisp apple filling the air. come + gather at the table.  

* cranberry, apple and orange peel with whiff of cinnamon *


BLUE PACIFIC - when a summer rendezvous to the islands of Hawaii is calling. 

* tropical fruit with lightly exotic mountain greens *

BONDI BEACH - soaking in the sun and inhaling all the scents the beach in Australia has to offer.

* ocean botanicals, lush greens + coconut and a tad of orange *

BUBBLES + BRUNCH - brunching + sipping an effervescent citrusy beverage, whilst enjoying your weekend.

* light, delicate blend of citrus + bubbly *

(please be aware this fragrance is light in nature)

BY THE SEA - a relaxing time away seaside allows for pure enjoyment + relaxation.  

* sea breeze, a subtle hint of amber + tiny hints of citrus *

CALM - when your day has been a tad much, allow this scent to surround you with tranquility. 

* lavender paired with tiny amounts of orange, lemon + cedarwood * 

CAMPFIRE - the experience without the actual experience.  

* charred cedar/pine + roasted marshmallow *

(please be aware this fragrance is light in nature)

CAPRI SPA - the tide rises and falls just as you enter the spa on the Isle of Capri.  sparkling water quenches your thirst with its cool + citrusy bouquet. 

* crisp water with notes of orange, grapefruit + cucumber *

CLARITY - long day? light this candle, turn on some relaxing music, breathe deeply + enjoy the clarity that begins to fill your intimate surroundings.

* invigorating notes of eucalyptus, orange, peppermint + bergamot *

(please be aware this fragrance is light in nature)

COZY - so comfy inside on a chilly day.  

* apple, cinnamon + citrus *

DEJA BREW - coffee house vibes in the comfort of home.  

* hazelnut coffee ~ need I say more? *

EUROPE - a seaside holiday in Europe invites you to slow down and just breathe.  

* salty ocean notes, amber + vanilla *

FRENCH MARKET -  strolling the outdoor market in France, you find yourself surrounded by fragrant lemons in baskets + freshly cut lavender bundles tied with ribbons ~ all ready to make their way into your market bag.

* refreshing blend of lemon + lavender *

HAPPY - energizing citrus flirts with the sweetness 

of mangosteen bringing an uplifting aroma to your space.

* tangy grapefruit *

INTO THE WOODS - the tingling aromas of the woods are beckoning you.  light dusting of dried eucalyptus from a local flower farm, Sassafrass Flower Farm.

pine, cedar with a light touch of eucalyptus * 

(please be aware this fragrance is light in nature)

KRAMER - a nod to Kramer of Seinfeld and his love for cuban tobacco.

* warm, velvety blend of tobacco + patchouli *

MERRY + BRIGHT - hands cupped around a mug of wassail.  twinkling lights.  in for the night.  

* golden apples, pine needles, cider + cinnamon *

MONTANA RANCH - morning has broken. denim jacket donned.  horses saddled. the fragrance of the nearby woods is mixed with the fresh mountain air.  

* crisp balsam + pine mixed with the warmth of saddle leather *

OLIVE SPA - a glorious retreat to the downtown spa awaits you. 

* high end, spa-like floral fragrance *

SEA COTTAGE - experience the wash of pastels - blue sea, green grass - just breathe it in.  

* notes of sea spray on dewy grass *

THANKFUL - a kinder, gentler pumpkin scent.  

* pumpkin + blueberry * 

THE JOURNEY - when I inhale this delicate aroma it sends my mind in many different directions.  hence the name.  

* perfect marriage of amber, ginger + more *

(please be aware this fragrance is light in nature)

TWIGS - log home in the woods.  fire crackling away. in for the evening.  

* log home-worthy, woodsy, berryish *

WHITE PUMPKIN - leaves changing color, flannel and everything pumpkin.  

* strong pumpkin fragrance with hints of nutmeg *

WINTER - cuddled in front of a wood-burning fireplace. Christmas tree is near.  fill your senses with everything Christmas. (formerly known as December)

* cozy blend of orange spice, cinnamon, fir, pine + smokiness *